Dear reader,

First and foremost, thank you for spending your time reading this blog. It is absolutely appreciated and well-received that the information found here could be of some help.

This blog is run by a single person who basically dedicated their career to the human resources and business field which their experiences are related to. The interest in these topics is sparked not only for the purpose of self-development but also for the fact that it could be of some help to the readers with the same interest. These topics are often presented/propagated with a difficult lingo, context which is more or less defined with the limited understanding of the listener/reader outside of the HR community/sector.

The idea of this blog is to “translate” or decipher, if you will, these topics so they’re easier to understand in layman terms. These topics are also sometimes layered with a lot of marketing/sales tactics, buzz words or even outright false information and this blog’s goal is communicate the intent of those topics in simple terms – simplifed human resources and business.

The area of human resources is fascinating and I have a lot on my mind so please dive into these topics with me, share your insight and enjoy the information!

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